30 May 2013

VertiQ C – Wall panels that absorb sound and please the eye

Rockfon has introduced a new version of the VertiQ Wall panels onto the market.

 The product is now available with a new installation system, with no visible joint, and in new colours: light grey, grey and black.

Rooms with a constant, high noise level, such as schools, sports halls, or offices, present a challenge to acquire the optimum acoustic conditions. The greater the noise, the more uncomfortable it is to work and spend time there. Ceiling panels are a basic product that improves acoustics and lowers noise levels. However, if we want to further improve the quality of the interiors, we can also use wall absorbers. As well as a wide range of suspended ceilings, Rockfon also offers a wide range of vertical surfaces. They have also just launched a new version of their VertiQ panels. Now available in a number of colours, the newest version combines aesthetics with ease of installation.

The VertiQ modules meet the highest requirements in sound absorption (αw 1, class A) and durability. Their surface is covered in a highly resistant woven surface, making them ideal for areas where sound should not be carried from one room to the next, e.g. classrooms, conference rooms, or sports halls.   

 A new aesthetic

The VertiQ C panels have a new texture. Rather than completely smooth, they are covered in a woven fleece which provides an aesthetic finish with a moiré structure. Moreover, they are now available in light grey, grey and black as well as white. The new colour-scheme has greatly increased the possibilities for its application.. The toned colour scheme means the new wall absorbers compliment modern, minimalist interiors.

VertiQ is a flexible solution, as the panels can be installed vertically or horizontally, regardless of the wall dimensions. This provides numerous design opportunities, offering creative freedom to architects and designers. The new acoustic Rockfon modules can be installed as independent panels, or in addition to suspended ceilings. 

Safety in every aspect

VertiQ are manufactured from stone wool which is non-flammable, and has a melting temperature of higher than 1000°C. This gives Rockfon products excellent fire-reaction performance, but it also performs well in humidity. In addition, stone wool contains no living material, and so does not support any harmful microorganisms, thus ensuring the area is hygienic.

No less important are parameters associated with use, particularly when the materials are installed in public area, such as schools, corridors, or sports halls. VertiQ panels have been tested for impact resistance, and have been awarded the highest standards in a number of international tests. These tests have shown that small objects of diameter greater than 12mm, or balls, caused no visible damage or marking in the panels.

VertiQ panels can be easily installed and removed with a special installation key. This key increases the safety of the panels, as without this key, the panels cannot be removed manually – This is a major advantage for school directors, who have often to deal with the rampant youth, and resulting damage or destruction of school property.

Comfort for the installation team

Rockfon products retain integrity even in 100% humidity, which means they do not change shape or size. They can be installed in temperatures between 0°C and 40°C. They don’t need to acclimatise after delivery, which makes the job of the installation teams a lot easier, as they don’t have to wait for the right temperature to begin installation.

The new version of VetriQ Wall panel also has a new installation system C. Now, they can be mounted by “clicking” one panel into the other, without the need to use any additional supporting elements. They can be also mounted in an A system, with a visible edge, using a classic T construction, or using HAT system profile, which increases the impact resistance.

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