Transportation, storage & handling

Our product characteristics and packaging offer the best conditions for transport, handling and storage


During transportation, the products should be stacked so they stand firmly and are not subject to impact from other cargo.

Our packaging aims to achieve the optimum combination of product protection with the minimum amount of packaging material. The cartons are delivered stacked on pallets and held with stretch foil or straps for maximum protection. Additional protection is often used on the corners to avoid damage during handling and transportation.

ROCKFON products are packed with great care and protected by high-grade packaging materials. All packaging materials used for ROCKFON products can be recycled or reused. The polyethylene shrink-wrap and stretch foils are free of chlorine and sulphur compounds.


Individual cartons should be handled with care and should not be dropped. To open a carton, the plastic foil or tape should be cut shallow to avoid damaging the tiles. Tiles should be lifted vertically using two hands and installed. The use of textile gloves can leave a slight mark on the panels during installation. Therefore, it is recommended to use clean nitrile or PU coated gloves when installing ROCKFON tiles in order to avoid fingerprints and pollution of the surface.

For an optimized work environment, we recommend installers always observe common work practices and follow installation advise as shown on our packaging.


ROCKFON products should be stored where they are not exposed to the weather. The floor surface should be dry, smooth and flat, and they should be placed where they do not risk impact or any other mechanical damage. Heavy or sharp objects should not be placed on top of the packaged products.


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