An alternative to traditional modular ceilings

Traditionally used in industrial settings, baffles are now being considered for other types of applications.

Thanks to a combination of good aesthetics and high technical performances, they are perfectly-suited to many different kinds of rooms – from offices to education and leisure facilities – where architects use them as an alternative to traditional modular suspended ceilings. They are also suitable for thermal mass applications where the soffit needs to remain exposed.

Frame options

Frameless baffles    
Rockfon Contour is a frameless baffle with a minimalistic edge and an elegant bevel. Timelessly-modern, it can become an element of decoration in its own right and bring new design dimensions to a space.   
Framed baffles    
Rockfon Multiflex baffles are hung vertically. They are supplied mounted in a lacquered or galvanised steel frame that features right-angle U sections for easy installation.   


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